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The Softest Hoodie Ever!

by Ryan Shell

We’re thrilled to finally release our brand new The Home T Hoodie!

It’s been a long-time coming and we think it will be one of the most insanely soft and comfortable sweatshirts you’ve ever worn.

You should have seen our office as we were going through the vetting process. We had fabric and cut samples all over the place. Launching a new style product isn’t something we do all that often, so when we do we like to vet various options to bring you the most awesome product possible.

California Home Hoodie

The Home T Hoodie Feel

You’d expect me to say  The Home T Hoodie is soft, so I’d like you to hear from someone that’s already purchased and worn there’s.

“This sweatshirt does not disappoint. This is the softest sweatshirt I own now. The fit is perfect. I would definitely recommend this! -Jen”

To get to this point, as mentioned, we touched and tried on a ton of different samples. When my wife put on the hoodie we inevitably went with she said something like, “OMG, this is so soft I don’t want to take it off” and she proceeded to wear it the rest of the night. That’s when I knew we hit a home run.

Maryland Home Hoodie

The Fit

Achieving the perfect fit for a wide variety of body types isn’t easy. It’s downright impossible.

With that said, when considering the fit of our new hoodie we knew we wanted it to have a little breathing room, but not be so baggy that it looked like a hot mess. You’ll find that it fits well in all the right spots.

And did I mention it’s insanely soft?

Texas Home hoodie

I’m thrilled with how The Home T Hoodie turned out and think you’ll feel the same way once you put it on for the first time. Enjoy!

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