Hitting the Marks with Sizing - The Home T

Hitting the Marks with Sizing

by Ryan Shell

The Home T is a high-quality t-shirt and you’ll find that the fit, and comfort level, are amazing.

But when it comes to fit, we’d love to help you get the right size. The shirts give you the right amount of room in all the right areas, and are also long enough, without being too long, to be to almost everyone’s liking.

Our sizing page features sizing measurements, as well as a male and female model and their measurements. In addition, the page shows the two models in the correct and incorrect sizes. We will use images from that page to help you better understand how the shirts should fit.

This size is spot on for the model. She has plenty of room for comfort, and you’ll notice that the shoulder lines are spot on and the sleeves don’t overwhelm her arms. Take a look at the image below of the model wearing The Home T in the wrong size.

Notice how the shoulder lines are way off? Notice all of the extra fabric under the armpit area Notice how the shirt doesn’t give her body much form? There’s also plenty of extra fabric by her waist that could easily be unflattering.

So, before you buy your Home T, feel free to consult our sizing page; we’d love to help you get the perfect fit!

Note: The Home T does not come in red or blue. The two colors were used to make it easier to differentiate the fit of each size.

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