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5 Types of People To Give The Home T This Holiday Season!

Let's be honest. Gift giving during the holidays can be stressful.

You have to find the perfect gift for a bunch of people and ask yourself questions like: Does your little cousin still play with barbie dolls? How many years in a row can you get your uncle socks before he has too many? Do you have to get your brother's new girlfriend something too??

Everyone has different hobbies and interests, but one thing everyone has in common is their love of home. Whether it's the place they were born, the place they miss, or the new place they moved to, home is where the heart is.

Nothing feels better than getting someone a gift that they truly love. 

The Home T helps you celebrate the place you call home, stylishly. We think it is the perfect gift for the holiday season!

Texas Home Family

So what types of people love to get The Home T as a gift? We made you a list:

1. Your Grandma Ethel who moved to Florida for the nice weather, but deep down still misses the hustle and bustle of New York.

2. Your son Steve who is a Freshman at his dream college across the country, but in between classes and frat parties he sometimes feels homesick.

3. Your new neighbors who just moved in across the street and you would bake them a pie but you have no baking skills so you give them Home T's to welcome them to the neighborhood!

4. Your aunt Joanie who is embarking on an Eat Pray Love midlife crisis trip and needs a shirt to show off her home when she is meditating in India or eating spaghetti in Italy!

5. Your friend who is a struggling actor/musician/writer/producer in Los Angeles and who sometimes needs to be reminded of all the people who are rooting for him in his small hometown in Missouri.

Anyone in your life come to mind? Grab them a Home T here and make their day:
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