NFL Player Michael Sam in The Home T

NFL Player Michael Sam in The Home T

by Hannah Berner

Dancing with the Stars is now in it’s 10th season, but up until last night I’d never really watched the show. I of course knew of the show, but I’m a bit more of a NCIS and Suits kind of guy.

For whatever reason my wife and I started watching Dancing with the Stars last night, and boy did I get a surprise.

A segment about NFL player Michael Sam (a contestant on the show) aired and they were showing the behind the scenes of his rehearsals. There he was. The big man showing off his skills… and then bam. They show a shot of him wearing his Texas Home T!

I literally jumped up off the couch, grabbed the remote and started rewinding. All the while shouting, “Did you see that?!” My wife must have thought I was a lunatic because she happened to be looking away from the TV when they showed the clip.

Once I rewound the show and hit play, then she started her round of “OMG’s!” Needless to say, seeing Michael Sam dancing in his Texas Home T was a pleasant surprise. You can see the short clip below.

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