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Photo: Skateboarding Down 7th Avenue

by Ryan Shell

One of my hobbies is shooting street style photography around New York City.

It’s something I’ve done for a while now and really enjoy. It allows me to explore the city and get lost in all the craziness for a bit.

Recently, while walking up 7th Avenue back towards The Home T office I caught a quick glimpse of a guy skateboarding down the street. This wasn’t just any guy though. He was extremely stylish and seemed to own the road.

Street style requires quick reactions, so as of done many times before, I jumped out in the street to capture the shot. The photo below is the result of a few camera snaps. It’s one of my new favorites for sure!

skateboarding down 7th

You can click the photo to see a larger version.

The way he was leaning on the board just made the shot that much more awesome. It’s almost like he was defying gravity… while also holding a freshly purchased suit in his right hand. Style points all around.

I hope you enjoy the shot as much as I do.

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