Baby Shower Gifts Your Friends Actually Want

Baby Shower Gifts Your Friends Actually Want

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Let’s be honest. Baby shower season is more a phase of life than an actual season. And if it’s in full swing in your life, finding shower gifts for all your friends can be tough.

Never fear, we’re here to help! We’ve compiled 7 of our favorite baby shower gifts for you below.

1. Baby Toolkit 
When you’re preparing for a baby, especially the first one, you’re hyper aware of the necessities - stroller, crib, diapers, pacifiers - but sometimes the little things can slip of the grid. Put together the ultimate baby toolbox for your friend, including things like diaper rash cream, outlet protectors, baby wipes, infant Tylenol, thermometer, infant gas relief, nasal aspirators (like a Nettypot for babies), baby powder, and more.

2. Diapers
You can never have enough diapers. Even if seems like you’re stocked for the apocalypse, the baby will find a way to prove you wrong. If you want to get creative with your diapers, roll them into a diaper cake (or buy a premade one on Etsy - all the glory, none of the work).

3. Baby Socks for the Growing Baby
Babies grow pretty rapidly, and socks seem to be the one part of the outfit that no one brings to the shower. Help your friend stock up with socks in incremental sizes - a few pairs each in 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, 18 months. Your friend will be set, the baby’s feet will be warm, and you’ll get to be the cool aunt (or uncle) who saved the day when the 3 month socks are too small.

4. Baby Onesies
Onesies are the baby accessory that never goes out of style. Like diapers and socks, you might think you have plenty, but when it comes down to it, being a baby is dirty business. They go through outfits like dogs go through chew toys - 2 hours and it’s gone. So bring them a few Home T onesies to help out with their collection. They’re cute, comfortable, and show off some state pride for the little one. (And if mom’s into matching the baby, throw in a Home T for her, too!)

5. Wearable Teething Toys
Mom deserves a little love at the baby shower too, and if it doubles as a baby toy, even better. We love these stylish beaded necklaces from Nyme Organics. All the beads are 100% FDA approved, food-grade silicone and free of all toxins, so when baby grabs at mom’s necklace, he or she can have a nice little chew without fear. Plus, toss them into the dishwasher for a quick clean! Couldn’t be easier.

6. Treat Yo’self Treats
Thought gift cards were only for struggling college students? Think again! Give mom and dad the gift of a free meal, a night out on the town, or even just a little help with the diaper budget (because even with the diaper cakes, those will run out!). Gift cards provide a little relief, even a few months down the road. And if you can get mom and dad out of the house with them, you might just become the favorite friend!

7. Feed the Mommy (and the Daddy)
In the hectic days and nights after a new little one arrives, cooking can be the last thing on anyone’s mind. Organize a calendar for friends to bring freshly prepared meals over for the new parents to eat or freeze and take turns feeding the family. Nutritious, delicious, and an easy way to help out!

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