Thanks for applying for our Graphic Designer position!

Given the number of applicants, we're starting the interview process in reverse. 

The first step will be to complete a graphic design test. Once your draft is submitted, if it meets expectations we will move you to the actual interview round.

We make decisions quick and won't make you sit through 28 different Zoom calls. 

Also, the design you create will not be published and is for the interview process only.

The Test

Ok, let's have a good time with this. Here's your hypothetical situation.

The Home T is coming out with an Autism collection and will donate a portion of profits to Autism Speaks.

Your job is to develop three design concepts related to Autism and/or Autism awareness. These are designs that will likely target people that know someone impacted by Autism, or maybe they themselves have it. 

The designs can be sketches or full blow designs. Whatever you think puts your best foot forward.

Oh, and we'd like you to knock this out in 24-hours or less. 

Upon completion, please email your work to In the subject line, please put "Graphic Design Test."