Welcome to The Home T, as seen on ABC’s “Shark Tank!” We make state themed apparel that helps you show off your state pride, stylishly.

We’re excited you found us and we have a few things to share with you.

  1. If you haven’t heard, our shirts are insanely soft!
  2. We proudly make products in the United States.
  3. A portion of profits is donated to multiple sclerosis research.

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Shark Tank is a fast paced show and thanks to the editing process something may have been left out, so we will elaborate on a few things below.

Insanely Soft Shirts

When our founder set out to create The Home T, he knew he wanted to have one of the best t-shirts you could find. Things he was looking for included:

  • The shirt couldn’t shrink, because no one likes when their favorite shirt becomes a belly shirt
  • The shirts had to have a great all around fit. No one likes when those love handles are made to feel larger than they actually are, right?
  • It had to be extremely soft and comfortable.

The t-shirts we use for The Home T product are the result of the items mentioned above and lots of testing and perfecting.

When you buy The Home T, as seen on ABC’s “Shark Tank,” you can rest assured that you are getting an awesome product that is in fact insanely soft.

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Made in the USA

The Home T is dedicated to making products here in the USA. Doing so is definitely easier said than done and comes with a pricing premium, but it’s pretty awesome to do.

In addition to making products in the USA, we work with a number of other small business owners to make things work.

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Our Donation to Multiple Sclerosis Research

When you saw The Home T on ABC’s Shark Tank, you may not have gotten the down low on our donation to multiple sclerosis research. The donation is part of our mission and couldn’t be more important.

We’ve made this donation since day one.

The Home T’s founders have friends and family members that have been and continue to be impacted by multiple sclerosis, and is the root of the donation. Funds are donated directly to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and earmarked for research.

Finding a cure for multiple sclerosis is extremely important to The Home T, and is equally important to a large part of our customer base.

In addition to the monetary donation, we also actively take part in numerous multiple sclerosis fundraisers such as biking and walking events, as well as team sponsorship.

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Thank You

If you spotted The Home T on ABC’s “Shark Tank,” we can’t thank you enough for stopping by to check us out.

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