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10 Signs Houston Is The Place You Call Home

by Hannah Berner

Over 2 million people live in the amazing city of Houston, Texas. Here are 10 signs that "H-Town" is the place you call home...


1. The majority of your life has been spent waiting in traffic and the highways have been under construction as long as you’ve been alive.

Houston traffic

2. Rodeo month is your favorite month of the year because of all the cook-offs, concerts, carnivals, livestock, cowboys, and trial rides.

Houston Rodeo

3. 90 degrees with 90% humidity is still not considered that hot.

humid funny meme

4. You have only been to NASA once, and it was on a school field trip or space camp.


5. You know what a feeder road is (the access roads that run along an interstate) and it gets out-of-staters get really confused.

Feeder Road

6. Someone in your house owns a vintage Astros, Rockets, or Oilers jersey.

Vintage oilers jersey

7. You lived within a mile of a Fiesta, 99 Ranch Market, or Kroger.


8. You have referred to Houston as one of these nicknames at some point: Clutch City, Bayou City, Magnolia City, Screwston, Hustletown, City of Syrup, and H-Town.


9. You really miss Astroworld.


10. Cowboy boots are always appropriate footwear... even for business and politics. 

Texas cowboy boots

If you nodded your head "yes" to any of these signs, then Houston, Texas is truly your home! Check out out the Texas Home T Collection! You will love it.


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