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5 MUST Haves to Win Your College Tailgate

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College football is back and that means tailgating season is officially here! College football has some of the richest traditions and best tailgating out there, so here is your guide to 5 MUST haves to make sure you WIN your college tailgate this year:

1. Red Solo cups are your best friend.

Different states and college towns have different rules when it comes to alcohol consumption at a tailgate. Some allow you to openly drink cans of beer, others don’t.

One savior to any college tailgate is the Solo cup, perfect to turn any open container into an acceptable tailgate beverage. If you really want to win your tailgate, match the colors of your Solo cup with the team colors… that’s going the extra mile. 

Regardless if it’s holding your beer, mimosa, mixed drink or soda… a Solo cup is your best friend at any tailgate. 

2. What's a tailgate without delicious food?

Tailgates tend to last for hours before (and after) the game, so make sure your tailgate crew is fed with some delicious food. Local restaurants in college towns typically have a tailgating menu specifically for game days.

Wings, barbeque, chicken tenders and mac n cheese are always winners on game day, but feel free to put your own twist on the menu. Chic-Fil-A has some cheap trays that are popular at tailgates. You’d be surprised how affordable feeding your tailgate crew can be when you split the cost between the group. 

3. Spice it up with some decorations.

If you have seen some of the southern college football tailgates you know what we are talking about. Some people go all out with elaborate decorations and spreads, but even just a flag and a few table decorations for your team can transform any tailgate from average to top notch.
Is it pumpkin season? Paint your team’s logo or a saying on a pumpkin and have it be a part of your table spread. Coordinate the colors of your tablecloths and plates. Draw a cool design or write a funny saying on a small chalkboard and display it by your area. Simple ideas like these go a long way, and can help you win your tailgate. 


4. Entertainment is a MUST.

Every tailgate needs some form of entertainment. If you have the room, bring a cornhole set and watch as friendly competition ensues. Have an extra table for beer pong or flip cup. Set up a flat-screen television and watch the pregame shows or early games.

Okay, so we may be used to our tailgating experience in Oxford where most tents in The Grove have televisions set up. Even if the TV is not feasible, a bluetooth speaker should be. Have the local pregame radio show going or create the perfect tailgate playlist. Some form of audio entertainment helps liven the atmosphere at any tailgate.

5. Multiple coolers with ice.

One cooler is never enough for the proper tailgate. Have multiple coolers, one (or two) for beer, one for non-alcoholic drinks and mixers, and one for ice to use in drinks.

Nobody likes searching through half-melted ice water to find a certain beverage when everything is crammed into one cooler. Separate, organized coolers by drink type make refilling your drink quick and easy.

Keep a trash can or bag nearby for empty cans and containers. The less time people spend struggling to find their next drink, the more time they have for the tailgate games and entertainment mentioned above. 

Now that you have the insider tips to help you WIN your next tailgate, you need to look the part! Grab one of our insanely soft t-shirts in our Tailgate Collection and make everyone else in your game day crew jealous. You’ll truly be the Tailgate MVP.

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