What People Really Think About The Home T Hoodie

What People Really Think About The Home T Hoodie

by Hannah Berner

Fall is here, which means our insanely soft hoodie is back on the shelves! Whether you’re tailgating, drinking something with pumpkin in it, or apple picking, our hoodie is guaranteed to keep you warm and cozy.

When we first launched our hoodie, it was extremely important that the fleece on the inside was softer-than-a-kitten and that it fit well in all the right spots. And that’s exactly what we made.

Wisconsin Home Hoodie

Of course you’d expect us to rave about how much we love our hoodie, so we’d like to share what our customers really think about it!

It was love at first wear. Super soft: check! Warm and cozy: check! Bulky like some hoodies: absolutely not. This hoodie provides lots of comfort, warmth, and patriotism (yep, rocking the United States version) without taking up all the room in my work bag or backpack. Do yourself a favor and get yourself one. Do your friends and family a favor and pick one up for them too.” -Mandy

“This hoodie is sent from heaven. I wish I didn’t have a wedding to go to so I could wear my cuddly MN hoodie all day.” -Lisa

I received the Ohio Home Hoodie for my birthday. I have to say it’s the best birthday gift I have ever received! It’s so soft and after washing gets even softer. I feel that it runs a little big but I love that about it. Amazing product and will be buying one for my sister in November!!! I total will talk up this hoodie to everyone I can barely take it off ever!” -Erma

“They said it was super soft and they were right! This thing rocks! It is so soft and comfy you won’t want to take it off!” -Jen

My London-living daughter cried when she opened her Pennsylvania hoody. But she smiled when she put it on. Soft, not stiff or too thick, this hoody is perfect. She loved it and I loved seeing her in it. I admire the MS support, too.” 

hoodie puppy

Click here to buy a hoodie for yourself, dog, a friend, or family member you really, really like.

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