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Never Give Up!

by Hannah Berner

If you’ve never taken part in a multiple sclerosis (MS) fundraising walk or bike ride I seriously urge you to do so. They rock!

The photo below was submitted by Karli as she was gearing up for a recent walk.

multiple sclerosis fundraising walk - the home t

Upon seeing this photo I had this overwhelming feeling that I wanted to magically jump in the photo and participate in the event with them.

If you aren’t aware, the top sign Karli (on left) is wearing is a bit of a tradition for fundraising events. People generally know someone impacted by a disease, in this case it’s multiple sclerosis, and you write there name on the sign to let people know who you are participating in honor of. In this case… it’s her dad.

A big thanks to Karli and the rest of her team for participating in the event. And to Bill, as the sign says, “Never give up!”

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