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A Stylish New York Walk

by Ryan Shell

There’s no doubt about it. Winter was pretty epic for a vast majority of the country, but it appears the weather has finally started to get it’s act together in New York City!

I went on a walk recently during one of the warmer days, and snapped a few photos along the way. I’ll share them with you below. 


One thing that always amazes me is how, almost overnight, the trees and flowers start to bloom. Quite frankly, I think it makes everyone in the city instantly happy.


An interesting shaped hat on this fella.


Green army type jackets are in the jean jacket category for me, which basically means it’s something you should never toss out.


Distressed denim continues to work.


If you don’t live in the city this might seem very strange. It was to me, and still is a bit odd, but when folks can’t take their pet in a store, they tie them up outside. I’d be so paranoid! At least he/she is getting a little nap time.


Fact: this billboard is hand painted.


I really liked the throw the girl on the left was wearing. It made her outfit very versatile. That, and I just really like the photo.

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