Walk: MS Boston Team Wears The Home T

Walk: MS Boston Team Wears The Home T

by Ryan Shell

Around this time each year, multiple sclerosis (MS) fundraising walks take place all around the country. It’s an inclusive event that a wide range of people can take part in to help raise funds for multiple sclerosis initiatives.

Earlier this month I received the following email from Stephanie,

“I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis just over 4 years ago when I was 19 years old. I was a sophomore in college at the time and my whole world was changed over the course of a few days. Since then, my family and friends have participated in the Walk: MS Boston each year. My college roommate and I started the Boston University Multiple Sclerosis Society about a year after I was diagnosed and then graduated college about a year after that, so our team name for the Walk has actually been different every year.”

Huge props to Stephanie and her roommate for starting the Boston University Multiple Sclerosis Society!

The email went on to share a little about her team for this years Walk: MS Boston, and included the awesome photo below where you’ll see a vast majority of the team wearing the Massachusetts Home T. How cool is that?

Boston MS Walk 2014

Stephanie went on to say,

“It was really awesome to have everyone wearing the shirts at the Walk. To me, it represented both the awesome work that you guys do to support the MS Society and it was kind of a visual representation of how far the network of people affected by MS reaches. We had people on our small 20-person team wearing shirts that represented Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, California, and Washington state. It was a really cool image and made me feel really supported in my personal fight against MS by everyone that walked with our team.”

I’ve reread that last paragraph several times, and it seems to move me a bit more each time, especially the part where she mentions the “visual representation of how far the network of people affected by MS reaches.”

Multiple sclerosis might not be a disease you hear about daily in the news, but the number of people it impacts is massive. Together, we will continue raising money to kick multiple sclerosis’s butt, and also continue raising awareness about the disease.

And remember, no matter how small your team or amount you are able to fundraise, you’re putting drops in the bucket.

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