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Made in the USA: It’s Easier Said Than Done

by Ryan Shell

I’m proud that The Home T products are Made in the USA, but as a business owner I have to admit that, at times, doing so easier said than done.

I’m sure that 25 or 30 years ago it wouldn’t be quite as challenging given that there were more manufacturers in the United States, but the landscape of today is much different.

This topic came to mind because there is one product we’ve been trying to develop for a while that has been somewhat elusive. In fact, you might even call it my pet project.


made in the usa

I’ve spent several months (off and on) trying to find a manufacturing partner for the item, but it has not been an easy task. I even went so far as asking my mother, whom has expertise with this particular topic, if she had any suggestions.

At first glance it didn’t seem like it would be overly challenging to make the product, but once I started talking with manufacturers the chances of making this item looked grim. The prices were simply too high. They were too high to sell you the product at a reasonable price, and if we priced the product too low it would negatively impact our donation to multiple sclerosis research.

Right when I was about to throw in the towel, someone provided a last minute suggestion. I reached out to the new contact and the initial discussions made me feel cautiously optimistic.

We have now gone through multiple rounds of product development, testing and negotiating, and are finally able to produce the product! In fact, I have a sample right here next to me. It’s awesome, and now that I can see the finished product, I think you’re going to absolutely love it.

Not only were we able to make it, it’s made in the USA! By the time it reaches you it will have been touched by a number of individuals during the manufacturing process and will have passed through three small businesses.

The journey to get here wasn’t a walk in the park, but the end result is definitely worth it.

Oh, and the product. What is it? We will let you know very soon!

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