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The 250 Mile Run to Raise Funds for MS

by Ryan Shell

Could you imagine running 250 miles?

To break that down a bit, it’s the same as running a marathon a day – 26.2 miles – for nine days.

Mind boggling, right?

Well, that’s apparently what Adam, a guy that’s in amazing shape, managed to do.

We received an email from Tiffany, seen below, explaining what Adam had done, and that she and some friends purchased The Home T in support of his effort. The run, MS Run the US, is a multiple sclerosis fundraiser and Adam raised over $15,000… and that’s absolutely amazing!

the home t-shirt

“We bought and wore our Home Ts in support of my friend who ran 250 miles (a marathon a day for 9 consecutive days) and raised over $15,000 for MS (MS Run the US)”

250 miles.

A marathon a day for nine days.

To help you visualize that a bit better, Adam (seen below) ran from Las Vegas to Utah. It’s a massive personal achievement, but an even bigger testament to how determined people are to raise money to help kick multiple sclerosis’s butt.

MS Run the US

Receiving the photo from Tiffany was a surprise, but we were also thrilled to receive a photo of Adam rocking his California Home T!

Multiple sclerosis is a nasty disease, but as Adam has shown, there’s some tough folks fighting back.

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