The Home T Started Out of a 1-Bedroom Apartment in NYC

The Home T Started Out of a 1-Bedroom Apartment in NYC

by Ryan Shell

I remember it like it was yesterday.

We had boxes everywhere.

Boxes of blank t-shirts in one spot. Boxes with packaging material in another spot. Printed t-shirts in another spot.

And to make it even more fun, this was all happening in our little one bedroom apartment in New York City where The Home T got its start.

And if you don’t live in, or have never lived in New York City, take the visual of the one bedroom apartment you just had and cut the size by around 45%.

While this may seem like complete chaos, we had an absolute blast! We’d get home at night and have dinner, then we’d sit in front of the TV fulfilling orders. Then, the following morning we’d make the daily 5:30 am trip to the local post office to start shipping orders.

It’s not my most glamorous photo, but the shot below was taken just before one of those early morning trips to the post office.

the early days

Looking back at this photo I couldn’t be more thrilled at how The Home T has evolved.

  • We’ve donated a significant amount of money to multiple sclerosis research.
  • Our shirt has been worn by the likes of Hillary Duff, Ashley Greene (Twilight), Dierks Bentley and many other celebrities.
  • We’ve been featured in publications such as Us Weekly, Life & Style and The New York Times.
  • And most importantly, we’ve had an amazing amount of fun making our customers smile!

That last point is so important to us. Providing fantastic customer service is a top priority for The Home T, and based on customer feedback, we’re doing exactly that. And no, we aren’t performing rocket science. We’re just providing a high-quality product, answering emails and being treated liked we’d want to be treated. It’s sort of a “from our home to yours” mentality, and thankfully, that seems to be appreciated.

While we may have outgrown our one bedroom apartment, our mindset hasn’t changed at all. We’re still up early in the morning and up late in the evening working hard to make our customers happy. And we can’t thank you enough for allowing us to do so.

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