Our 2nd Quarter Donation to Multiple Sclerosis Research - The Home T

Our 2nd Quarter Donation to Multiple Sclerosis Research

by Ryan Shell

car-donation12Last Friday, The Home T made it’s second quarter donation to multiple sclerosis research, and we can’t thank you enough for helping make that possible.

Beyond providing you an amazing shirt and great customer service, making the call to do the donation has become one of our absolute favorite things to do with The Home T.

Ironically, as this post is being written, one of our good family friends that has multiple sclerosis is heading to the neurologist for an MRI to see how the disease is progressing, if any. Let’s hope there’s been no change.

The donation we make is just a drop in the bucket, but as we’ve said before, if you get enough drops, the bucket will eventually become full.

We (Ryan and Whitney) appreciate that you are part of The Home T community and hope you can help spread the word about our insanely comfortable shirts, as well as the cause we are trying to positively impact.

Thanks again for helping make the donation possible!

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