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What Your Region of America Eats on Thanksgiving

by Hannah Berner

Ahh, Thanksgiving. It's a great day for football, watching the parade on television, planning your Black Friday strategy to score the best deals, small talk with extended family, and most of all, eating your body weight in turkey! 

As predicted, turkey is the main dish that all of America consistently consumes on Thanksgiving (82% according to a recent poll of 1,058 respondents.) But we decided to dig a little deeper to find out the regional differences on America's Thanksgiving menus.

america pie

First, the side dishes.

-56% of New Englanders say they eat squash, compared to just 18% for the rest of the country.

-The Southeast loves their mac and cheese. 35% of respondents in that region include the dish versus 20% for the rest of the country. 

-17% of the Mid-Atlantic likes cauliflower as a side dish, unlike just 9% of the rest of the country.

We can't forget about dessert!

-Every region agrees that pumpkin pie is must have option for post-turkey sweets.

-The Midwest and West prefer to add cherry pie as an option too.

-The South loves their pecan pie and sweet potato pie.

-New England and the Mid Atlantic can't get enough of apple pie.

P.S. Love pie? Check out which pie represents your state in our United States of Pie post!


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