The Best Gifts For College Students This Holiday Season!

by Hannah Berner

The holidays are around the corner and that means college students are coming home! So what are the best gifts to give college students? 

We picked the perfect products for undergrads to overcome homesickness, stay warm during football games, and be the the most stylish kid at the library.

Check them out here:

Home State Fleece

Home Fleece Blanket

Our insanely soft fleece blanket is the coziest way for college students to decorate their dorm room and show off their state pride. Many undergrads are leaving home for the first time, so this fleece blanket is the perfect nap time accessory to cure homesickness.

Home Baseball T

Home Baseball T

The Home Baseball T has a sporty cut and vintage print that college kids are going crazy for. This shirt is great for a variety of weather conditions, whether they are going to school in Minnesota or Florida. This shirt is the perfect way to show off state pride with strutting around campus, and look super stylish too!

West Virginia Decal

Home Decal 

The Home Decal is a great affordable way for college students to represent their home state! They can add it to their car while driving from class to class or add it to their lap top to have the coolest computer at the library. It's a great conversation starter wherever they go!

New York Home State Hoodie

Home Hoodie

If they are going to college where the temperature dips a bit, this hoodie is a must-have. Temperatures can drop below zero and no one wants to give up those amazing football tickets! The inside fleece is softer than a kitten and it is guaranteed to keep college kids warm on game day (all the way to the fourth quarter.) 

Home State Bag

Home Tote Bag

Every college kids needs a super durable and reliable bag to bring their lap top and books from class to class. A stylish black bag is the perfect accessory for a college kid on the move because it will not get dirty over time like traditional white canvas bags. Did we mention that this bag can carry up to 60 pounds? That's a lot of homework.

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