Cute Couples Share Their State Pride (And Their Love Stories!)

by Hannah Berner

You know what they say, home is where the heart is! Some couples are from the same hometown, while others hail from completely opposite coasts. Regardless, they loving repping their state pride.

Whether it's the glint in their eyes, that knowing smile, or that special embrace, you can tell that these cute couples below are in love. But we wanted to delve a little deeper for the love story behind the photo, like how they met, where they're from, or why the hell hasn't he proposed!?

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Connor and Ariel

"When it comes down to it, once you meet the love of your life and begin a life together, home is really wherever your other half is. Cue the awwwwwww!" -Ariel

Ariel is from Hawaii and Connor is from the great state of Washington. Being from different states makes for an interesting clash of culture for them. Connor is used to large lakes, while Ariel is accustomed to oceans. Ariel is used to summer weather all year long, while Connor feels at home with the rain and overcast weather.

They've both been living in Utah for the past five years, so the mountains have slowly but surely become their new definition of "home."

Cute couple shirts

Christine and Ben

"When we were first dating, we went to a park and sat on the swings and talked til two in the morning about everything we could think of. I’m pretty sure that was the night I knew I wanted him to be my forever. And the place I would call home." -Christine

Christine and Ben have lived in California their whole lives. They love living together 30 minutes away from the beautiful beach.

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Shannon and Griffin

"I am married to my high school sweet heart who is the love of my life, biggest supporter, and photographer." -Shannon

Shannon and Griffin have been married for over three years and reside in Florida. This bike ride takes some serious balancing skills and it's beyond cute.

cute couples shirts

Amber and David

"David was supposed to come out and visit me and we were going to travel France together but he decided to spend the money on my wedding ring instead... that’s when he first told me he wanted to marry me!" -Amber

After traveling around Europe this time around, Amber and David headed up North to Annecy, France where she lived last summer as an au pair. Amber had a ton of fun showing David around her favorite spots and showing him how beautiful it is there! David's rocking his USA Home T Shirt.

cute couples shirts

Kelsey and Jake

"Jake is not from California and I am not from Texas but they are both places we spend quite a lot of time at so we developed a fond love for those states! Home is wherever the heart is right?!" -Kelsey

Jake and Kelsey went out for a fun bike ride the other day and even though it was raining on and off, they kept on going! It turned out to be a fun time. They both got to wear their Home T Tank Tops during the ride.

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Matt and Lily Ann

"I have been dating for quite some time, and here in Utah dating for three years is like dating for ten haha." -Lily Ann

Lily Ann is a Texas girl currently living in Utah. She has been dating her boyfriend Matt for three years, and he's truly her best friend. When this photo was taking they planned on getting married that summer, but he hadn't proposed yet. He was saving for her ring and she was hoping that he would pop the question at any second! Good news, they did indeed get married!

Cute couple shirts

Matt and his wife are expecting!

We love when this happens. Matt reached out to us over email about one of our Home T's to prepare for a very special photo. He is from Tennessee and his wife is from Illinois. Check out the email below:

Good morning,

I was just curious if you knew when the blue TN Home T will be back in stock. My wife and I are wanting to make a baby announcement wearing the shirts, and I would love to have the blue one for that. Thanks in advance.


We ended up overnighting him the Home T shirts so that they would make it in time for the photoshoot. A couple days later, we received a bunch of their baby announcement photos in our inbox. The photos were so adorable we had to share one! I have a feeling that their next Home T purchase will be a baby onesie :)

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