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August 16, 2019 2 translation missing: en.blogs.article.read_time


We are officially convinced that sports moms are secretly superheroes… well, maybe without the capes. Who else can you count on to always be there for you and save the day? 

Need a ride to soccer practice? You can count on Mom. Have a weekend hockey tournament you'll need to travel to? Mom's got you. Did the umpire call strike three on a questionable pitch? Mom will surely let him hear it.   

The truth is, there is something in the DNA of a mom to always be their son or daughter’s biggest cheerleader. We are waiting on the science to back that up, but we can’t think of any other explanation. 

We remember that first home run we ever hit in Little League, it felt like a dream come true. While everyone in the stands cheered, there seemed to be one person cheering just a little bit louder than the rest… Mom. Sports moms always seem to cheer louder than everyone else, it’s just another one of their many super powers.

Nobody is louder or prouder than a sports mom. So, to celebrate all those superhero moms out there, we made a new  sports mom collection dedicated to them. Consider it our way of thanking Mom for all the sacrifices she made throughout our childhood, ones we didn’t truly recognize until now. 

Honor the sports mom in your life with one of our insanely soft t-shirts in this new collection. Baseball or softball mom? We’ve got her covered. Lacrosse, hockey, football, or basketball mom? Check. Heck, we even honored those awesome tennis moms with this collection. 

To all the sports moms out there, thank you. Thank you for the cheers, the rides, the pep talks, and especially for the post-practice snacks. (Homemade chocolate chip cookies were our favorite!) Thank you for being the ultimate cheerleader.

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