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Is Your T-Shirt Soft Enough?

Is Your T-Shirt Soft Enough?

INSANELY SOFT. You may have seen us describe our shirts this way once or twice… (or a few hundred times.) Why do we always refer to them as insanely soft? Well, it’s pretty simple actually. There is a 3-step test all shirts must pass in order to earn the insanely soft tagline. If you compare one of our shirts to another in your closet using this test, you’ll notice a huge difference.

The INSANELY Soft Test:

Step 1: Soft enough to wear for movie time after a long day.

After a long day of non-stop hustle and bustle, you change into your softest, most comfortable clothes to snuggle up on the couch with some popcorn to watch a movie. While we can debate which type of popcorn is the best (we prefer movie theater butter), there is no debate that only your softest clothes make the cut for movie time. Fuzzy pajama pants? Those are always a must. Bunny slippers? Yeah, we tend to rock a pair for movie time too. The main question becomes which t-shirt is soft enough to wear? 

Compare one of our insanely soft shirts to your average t-shirt and you’ll spot the difference. You’ll find yourself choosing your favorite Home T shirt for that movie time outfit over and over again, as optimal comfort is a must whether you are watching Finding Nemo or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Step 2: So soft you find your furry friend snuggled up on it for an afternoon nap.

We’ve all had those moments where we have to leave the house before we can finish putting away the laundry. While your clothes sit folded on the bed waiting for your return, your furry feline friend always seems to find their way in. Your clean, warm clothes are the perfect bed for their afternoon slumber. 

Take a look at which shirt your cat chooses to snuggle up on… because they always seem to find the most comfortable places for a nap. Our shirts have provided cats with a comfortable place to curl up for years, and you know they are on another level for comfort when you share a favorite t-shirt with your pet. Another box can be checked off for the insanely soft test.

Step 3: You wake up with yesterday’s t-shirt still on.

Our t-shirts are so soft you’ll even want to sleep in them. After wearing it all day, you may find yourself sticking with your Home T shirt even when it’s time for bed. Only the softest t-shirts make the cut for bedtime attire, and it’s just another reason we refer to this level of comfort as insanely soft. You’ll simply never want to take it off!

Now that you can spot the clear difference between a t-shirt and an insanely soft t-shirt, make sure to add one to your wardrobe! We’ve come out with a ton of super cool new designsand all of them have passed this 3-step softness test. There’s a reason why we’ve received over 5,000 5-star reviews to date. So throw on your favorite Home T and enjoy the benefits of insanely softness, it will make you want to dance around hitting the high notes like Whitney Houston!

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