HEY, PLEASE READ THIS - We're really curious to know what makes you awesome and separates you from the hundreds of other applicants, so feel free to tell us. Also, when applying, PLEASE direct us to your relevant work. If we can only find web design or other such work, that's the fastest way to get nixed.


The Home T, a leading lifestyle apparel brand, is seeking to add an additional Graphic Designer to its design team.

The Graphic Designer position is charged with helping dream up new trend setting designs. You will need to come up with concepts and run with concepts that are sent your way. This is an opportunity to have fun and have a real impact.

The position can be remote or you may work out of our office in Charlotte, NC.

Required Skills & Experience

  • It's without question that you are well schooled, if not a master, of Illustrator and Photoshop, or any other day to day tools needed.
  • Apparel experience is a plus, but not required. We may even give bonus points if you have experience with t-shirt design and the inner-workings of screen printing.
  • You are excellent at researching ideas and generating concepts. This isn't a position where we just give you a constant stream of things to design. You'll have to help generate ideas.
  • You need to be in touch with pop culture, current trends and understand the difference between "that's cool" and "that's so cool I'm going to buy it."
  • You probably have 3-7 years of design experience. If you have less than that, let us know how you're crushing it and why you should be considered.
  • Illustration must be one of your strengths.
  • You have a strong sense of what's stylish and what's not. 
  • You're capable of designing the best widget possible, even though it might not be your personal taste.

To Apply

Click here to email your resume and a link to some of your work that is relevant for this opportunity. Please put T-Shirt Graphic Designer in the subject line and provide a link to your relevant work (please don't make us search through your entire site).

Please point us in the direction of your portfolio and relevant work as well. If it's full of nothing but UX work that will likely make it challenging for us to see you as a fit for this position.

Thanks for stopping by!

Design Examples

We offer a wide variety of designs. If you'd like to see some of our latest to make sure your skillset is a good match, please click the link below.