What's better than giving the perfect present? Purchasing gifts that give back to the planet or the people who live on it.

Online shopping makes it easy to find zillions of products that you can buy with the click of a button, so how do you make a decision on what to buy?

Every purchase you make can support the causes, people, and products that you believe in, so take a moment to decide what matters to you. You have the purchasing power to make a change in the world.

A conscious consumer prefers to purchase from companies that give back to society. You can do research on the origin of the product, how the company treats it's workers, and what causes it supports.

Over the last couple years there has been an increase of social entrepreneurs who have created businesses that fight social injustice or raise awareness to help the problems they see in the world.

Larger companies such as Toms and Warby Parker focused their business around philanthropy while staying profitable (and super stylish). They've been trailblazers for many other small and big businesses to focus on all kinds of philanthropy such as helping the environment, donating clothing, funding healthcare, providing employment, and finding cures for diseases.

Ryan, the founder of The Home T, has had many friends and family affected by multiple sclerosis and was frustrated that there wasn't a cure. When he moved from North Carolina to New York, he felt a little homesick, so he was inspired to create a state-themed lifestyle brand. All of the shirts are made in the USA with insanely soft fabric. We donate 10% of profits to multiple sclerosis research to help find a cure.

Whether the holidays are around the corner or you just want to grab a birthday gift for a friend, here are our favorite Home T gifts that give back.

Gifts That Give Back

1. The Home T Crewneck Shirt

Gifts that give back Texas Home state shirt

This is one of our classic shirts that our customers love. If someone is passionate about the place they call home, they will love to show off their state pride in this shirt. It is insanely soft and stylish with a vintage print. 

2. The Home Baseball Cap

Georgia Home Hat

On the hunt for your new favorite hat? Look no further than The Home T’s collection of iconic hats. These unique headpieces are a great way to show off your state pride – while still looking stylish. Put on our hat as you walk out the door and you’ll take a little piece of home with you.

3. The Home Hoodie

Home State Hoodie Florida

Keep someone cozy this holiday season with our insanely soft hoodie! I know that we say that all our products our soft, but our hoodie really takes the cake. We rate a good hoodie by how soft the inside is, so we picked the softest fleece you can find. It is softer than a kitten (we swear). It also is designed to fit well in all the right spots- not too tight and not too baggy. This hoodie is guaranteed to keep you warm in the winter while you represent your state in style!

4. The Home Pillow

Gifts that give back Wisconsin Pillow

Add some state pride to any living space with the Home T pillow. It's simple and timeless black and white design complements all kinds of home decor. You'll find that it will easily work in your living room, bedroom, office, or just about anywhere else you want to put it. It's cushiony feel makes it the perfect afternoon napping pillow!

5. The Home Onesie

Gifts that give back Washington onesie

It's never too young to celebrate your hometown. These cute baby onesies are perfect for the little one in your life. The neckband is specially designed to make it easy to put on and take off. 

6. The Home Kids Shirt

South Carolina Home State Apparel Kids T-shirt

We can't forget the kiddos! Our kid's shirts are just like our adult t-shirts, and they are super durable (parents love that part). You can show off your state pride at any age!

6. Home Throw

Texas Home Throw

Our insanely soft Home Throw is the coziest way to decorate your living room, den, or dorm. You’ll love showing your state pride on this gorgeous camel fleece, adding comfort and fuzz to your living space. It’s the perfect napping accessory, too!