Thank you for your interest in modeling for The Home T. We’re excited to have real people like you representing our brand. Before you get started please read the following tips and guidelines.

What are we looking for?

● Lifestyle images that are fun, relatable, and classic.

● For every tee you receive, aim to capture 2-3 usable images in each. This way if you “oops!” forgot to brush your hair back from the front of the tee, you’ll have an alternate image to submit.

● Keep the front of your tee clear & visible! Avoid long hair, accessories, hands, and other items obstructing the area where the shirt graphic will appear. Try to mix up your poses, location, and styling for each shirt.

● No selfies please! Use a tripod or have a friend snap this picture for you.

Great Places to Pose:

● The Beach: Think boardwalks, sunsets, palm trees, golden hour.

● Downtown City Streets: Think scenic street corners, murals, brick/ivy covered walls, sidewalk cafe tables. Just avoid business’ signs, brands, and crowds.

● Landscapes: Think bushes in bloom, lush fields, picket fences, interesting greenery.

● Sporty Location: Baseball, soccer, and football fields or the tennis court.

When choosing a setting or background, consider the season and theme of your shirt.

Not-So-Great Places to Pose:

● Inside or in front of your house: No living rooms, front doors, or windows please.

● Against very plain or sad looking brick or cement walls, in parking lots, or in parking garages.

● Against distracting scenery or places where you will be unable to avoid other people getting into your photos.

Styling Tips:

● Make sure you and your tee are the focus of the photo. Rememeber, keep the graphic visible.

● Do not include any other visible brands or logos.

● Pair your tee with jeans, denim shorts, or a simple skirts. Guys, unbranded athletic shorts in good condition could be an option for a sports themed look.

● Give your tee a half tuck, tie up the front, or even roll the sleeves. How would you really wear it?!

● Lightly accessorize! Grab a simple belt or bag, throw on a plain baseball hat, your sunglasses, fresh sneakers, or classic boots.

When finished, as a simple test, ask yourself if you would expect to see this image on your favorite brand’s websites or social channels? If yes, send them in!