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The Most Amazing Moment!

by Ryan Shell

Last Sunday my wife and I were walking up 9th avenue back to our apartment in New York City and saw the most amazing thing.

It was one of those moments where you have to do a double take because you’ve seen something that seemed too good to be true?

What we saw was a little kid sitting in a chair on the sidewalk behind a wooden table. On the front of the table was a sign that read, “Tristan’s Art Shop.” Next to the table there was a stand holding what appeared to be holiday cards.



We saw this within a split second and at first just kept walking. Once we digested what we had just seen we stopped, looked at each other and instantly knew we had to turn around and check things out. Without saying anything, my wife knew I instantly connected with the kid because I did the same sort of thing when I was younger.

So we walked up and asked Tristan what he was selling. “I’m selling my hand-drawn cards. They are $3 each.” We picked up a couple and my wife handed him a $10 bill. She then said, “Do you know how much change to give?” He replies, “$6.” She then gave him a friendly “are you sure” look and he did the math again. “$4 he says.” She says, “That’s right, but you’re doing such a great job we want you to keep the change.”

I snapped a photo of Tristan and his booth, and while doing so my wife started chatting with the person that appeared to be his mom. This is where the situation got even better.

The mom said, “He set a goal of making $1,000 this year and he’s already done it. I don’t even have to give him an allowance. He also donates some of the money to a local organization that helps the homeless.” We were blown away, especially when his mom told us that he is only 7-years old!

Tristan is such an inspiration and I’m so thankful we were able to witness his Art Shop.


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