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The Jersey Belle Wears the New Jersey Home T

by Ryan Shell

Bravo’s has a new show coming out called Jersey Belle and it features Jaime Primak Sullivan. And it just so happens that in the promos for the show she’s sporting her New Jersey Home T. It’s a perfect match!

If you haven’t seen the promos, the premise of the show is simple: Jaime Primak Sullivan is a Jersey girl through and through, but found herself living in Alabama and having to adjust to a southern lifestyle.

The show starts airing in August, but the teasers are already prompting a lot of interest in the show. We were thrilled to see that Jaime was filmed in her New Jersey Home T during the show. You can catch her in it by watching the short clip below.

She also recently sent a tweet of herself showing off her insanely soft Home T. Check it out below.

Jersey Belle

The Home T is insanely soft, we donate a portion of profits to multiple sclerosis research, and it’s a great way to show some love for the place you call home. Those three reasons make it perfect for Jaime, and you.

If you’d like to show off your state pride like the Jersey Belle, pick up The Home T for your state.

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