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What Does Home Mean to You?

by Ryan Shell

“What does home mean to you?”

It’s a question that came up in a recent conversation and it was great to hear what different people think of when they hear the word home.

We knew what the people in the original conversation though of when they thought of “home,” but we were curious about some of our customers thoughts so we asked the same question on our Facebook page.

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The responses range in all shapes and sizes, but Natalie provided one that it seems everyone can relate too. She simply said,

“The feeling of comfort and acceptance.”

What she said is so true.

Others like Hannah highlighted that “home” isn’t necessarily tied to a specific location, but more so, to her family.

“Wherever we are, together that is home. As long as I’m with my family (husband and children) – I am home. We could be living in a box and as long as I have them, I’m home.”

And then folks like Amber consider home to be the place for a good old sanity check,

“Home is where you can go to regain sanity when you feel like you’ve lost it! I only get to go “home” to SoCal once a year”

One misconception that comes up on occasion is that you have to have one “home.” That’s totally not true. You have the place you grew up. You have the place you may have spent time at for college. And if you’ve moved away from where you grew up, it’s the place you now live. Each location is connected with memories and experiences.

Home is about connections, and we hope that The Home T helps you feel a bit more connected to the feeling we all tend to associate with “home.”

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