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Which State has the Worst Food, is the Craziest…?

by Ryan Shell

Business Insider recently conducted a poll with more than 1,600 people to find out how Americans feel about states other than the one they call home.

And the results were quite comical – all in good fun of course. What you’ll find below are the questions asked, and the results as put together by Business Insder.

1. Which state has the weirdest accent?

Massachusetts has the weirdest accent. Trailing close behind are Louisiana, Alabama, Minnesota, New York and New Jersey.

2. Which state has the best food?

New York scored around 20% of the vote for best food. California and Louisiana get honorable mentions.

3. Which state has the worst food?

Hey Alaska, the rest of America thinks your food sucks.

4. Which state is your favorite?

Besides their own state, people had the highest opinion of California. Colorado is also pretty popular.

5. Which state is your least favorite?

That’s what you get, Texas, for always pulling the “We can leave America whenever we feel like it” card. (Just a reminder that we didn’t write the responses.  )

6. Which state is the craziest?

California is considered the craziest state…

7. Which state has the hottest residents?

…but California is also the hottest. Funny how things always seem to turn out like that. This question wasn’t even close, it appears that Katy Perry was right.

8. Which state has the most beautiful scenery?

Colorado has the most beautiful scenery in the country, followed closely by Hawaii. Honorable mentions to Alaska, Montana and California.

9. Which state is the best vacation spot?

People love to vacation in Hawaii, Florida, and California.

10. Which state is the most arrogant?

New York is the most arrogant.

11. Which state is the nicest?

Georgia is the nicest, followed by Minnesota. The South gets high marks here, potentially because the rest of the country doesn’t understand that “Bless your heart” is facetious.

12. Which state is the smartest?

Massachusetts is the smartest. All those colleges probably.

If you’d like to see the full list of survey questions, click here.

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