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Oklahoma College Tee Shirts

by Ryan Shell

We received this email yesterday,

“Dear Home T, thank you so much for providing the best Oklahoma college tee shirt for my son to wear! He’s headed back to school and was so excited when I gave him his Oklahoma Home T. He is in an out of state school, so the shirt allows him to show his home state pride without having to put a sports team on a shirt. He really loves it. Thanks for providing a great product. – Jim”

Jim, we can’t thank you enough for the message! Hearing things like “the best Oklahoma college tee shirt” sure does make us smile.

But that’s not just limited to Oklahoma. If you know a college student, I guarantee you that they’ll love a Home T for the state they call home. Especially the students at an out of state college!

College students wear t-shirts all the time, and ours is insanely soft which makes it very comfortable to wear, and it’s also highly durable and can take a beating. If you’re looking for a great gift idea for a college student, you won’t go wrong with a Home T.

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