Awesome Simple Shower Curtains To Show Off Your State Pride

Awesome Simple Shower Curtains To Show Off Your State Pride

Are you so darn proud of your state that you want to show it off in every room of your house? Now even your bathroom can display your state pride (big and bold) with these awesome shower curtains. 

Cute Baby Onesies (These babies might melt your heart!)

Prepare yourself for a cuteness overload. Over the last couple months, we’ve received photos of babies all over America rocking their Home T baby onesies. Each cheek was chubbier than the next, so we decided to celebrate all the adorableness in an official baby blog post. Oh, and we dare you to try and not say “awww” before getting to the bottom of the page…

A Stylish Walk Around New York City

Walking around New York City is something that never seems to get old. One of my favorite things to do is hop on the subway with no clear idea about where I’m getting off. And that’s exactly what I did over the weekend. I got off at the West 4th Street stop which basically puts you out in the SoHo / West Village area. These two areas are historic and full of people watching and great fashion. Along the way I snapped some photos that I thought you might enjoy seeing.  

The Softest Hoodie Ever!

We’re thrilled to finally release our brand new The Home T Hoodie! It’s been a long-time coming and we think it will be one of the most insanely soft and comfortable hoodies you’ve ever worn. You should have seen our office as we were going through the vetting process. We had fabric and cut samples […]

A Review of The Home T Hat

If you haven’t seen The Home T Hat, we’d love for you to check it out. We obviously think it’s super cool, but we figured you might like to hear from someone that’s recently purchased one. Here’s what Melissa has to say about her recent purchase of the New Hampshire Home Hat,

The Home T Hat is Super Cool!

We’ve wanted to offer The Home T Hat for a while now, but we were very conservative with our approach in bringing it to market. When a new product launches it’s important that we know that the quality is on point, and that our manufacturing partner can keep up with demand and meet important deadlines. 

What Makes an Awesome T-shirt

Here at The Home T, we’re big fans of the t-shirt. Obviously. Granted, we think that our insanely soft t-shirt is one of the best that you can find today. But what makes a t-shirt amazing? What should you look for? How should it feel? With so many questions, we’ve decided to touch on five very important points for you.

The Y’all T-shirt is Back!

Hey, I have some fun news for fans of the word “y’all.” We tested a y’all t-shirt some time ago, and we have expanded the collection to include most of the southern states. The shirts are made from the same insanely soft material that so many have grown to love, and as with all our products, a portion of profit is donated to multiple sclerosis research. Take a look at the Texas Y’all T-shirt below.

Oklahoma College Tee Shirts

We received this email yesterday, “Dear Home T, thank you so much for providing the best Oklahoma college tee shirt for my son to wear! He’s headed back to school and was so excited when I gave him his Oklahoma Home T. He is in an out of state school, so the shirt allows him to show his home state pride without having to put a sports team on a shirt. He really loves it. Thanks for providing a great product. – Jim” Jim, we can’t thank you enough for the message! Hearing things like “the best Oklahoma college tee shirt” sure does make us smile.

3 Reasons The Home T will make You Happy

It’s always fun to see you in your Home T, but it’s especially interesting to see where you are wearing it. For instance, here’s a snap of Robert in his Texas Home T-shirt in a brewery. Doesn’t he look happy?  

My Y’all is Authentic

Y’all. It’s not something everyone says, but for those that say it, they do so proudly. And that’s why we’re excited to launch our new “My y’all is authentic.” shirt today!