25 Crazy State Laws You Didn’t Know Existed

Here’s a list of the most random, insane, funny and highly questionable state laws that (somehow) still exist. Find out what crazy law is enforced in your state… 1. In Mohave County, Arizona, if anyone is caught stealing soap, he must wash himself with it until the soap is gone. 2. In Arkansas, you’re not allowed to pronounce “Arkansas” incorrectly (ARE-kun-sa). 3. In the state of California, ostrich steaks are exempt from state sales tax.

A Visit To The Varsity in Atlanta, Georgia

The Varsity in Atlanta, Georgia. Without a doubt, it’s an institution. My mom and I lived in Atlanta for a brief number of years when I was a kid, and one of the long standing memories I have from that time is trips to The Varsity. It’s not like we went a lot, but the experience as a whole just seemed to be memorable. From the crowds to the red hats they wear to the noise to the food… it’s a place like no other.

Weekend Highlight: Seeing Bill Cunningham

How was your weekend? Fantastic I hope! Living in New York City, there’s certainly a plethora of things to do on the weekend, and it’s also pretty simple to make a quick escape outside the city. But it seems the unexpected moments the city throws at you are the best. Granted, there was one thing from the weekend that most certainly stands out.  

Hey Look… It’s Ben Affleck

Yes, it’s expensive as all get out to live in New York City, but it really is the land of possibility. For instance, I was headed to the gym last night and just so happened to see Ben Affleck posing for a picture with a fan.