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A Visit To The Varsity in Atlanta, Georgia

by Ryan Shell

The Varsity in Atlanta, Georgia.

Without a doubt, it’s an institution.

My mom and I lived in Atlanta for a brief number of years when I was a kid, and one of the long standing memories I have from that time is trips to The Varsity.

It’s not like we went a lot, but the experience as a whole just seemed to be memorable.

From the crowds to the red hats they wear to the noise to the food… it’s a place like no other.

The Varsity Atlanta Georgia

When our team recently visited Atlanta, almost on a whim, I suggested we go to The Varsity for dinner one evening.

Part of what I loved about this idea is that Hannah, one of our newest team members, is from the north and I figured she’d never had such a southern experience. And I was right, she hadn’t.

When we arrived The Varsity was just as I had remembered it from my childhood — it was packed!

The menu seems to have evolved a bit over the years, but their hamburger and hotdog options are still a staple. As are the what I call the “How the Heck do You Drink this Milkshake with a Straw?” milkshake.

And yes, my 12-year old self had a good smile when Jordan and Hannah put on the classic Varsity hat.

Varsity Atlanta Home TShirt

Just so we are clear, when you go to The Varsity for the first time you must wear the red hat! Seriously.

The next time you find yourself in Atlanta and want a unique experience, I highly recommend you pay them a visit.

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