5 Unique Twists On The Pretzel

In honor of National Pretzel Day we have rounded up 5 of the most unique pretzel concoctions we could find...

The United States of Pie

Get your sweet tooth ready. Sure, cake is great, but there is nothing like a good slice of pie. We did our research on state traditions, foods, and fruits to ultimately pick a different pie to represent each state in America. Pies are defined as a baked dish made of a pastry dough casing that covers or completely contains a filling of ingredients. The pilgrims were actually the first to bring their pie recipes to America. We thank them for all the sweet calories. Check out which pie we picked for your state! P.S. This post is guaranteed to make you hungry. 

A Visit To The Varsity in Atlanta, Georgia

The Varsity in Atlanta, Georgia. Without a doubt, it’s an institution. My mom and I lived in Atlanta for a brief number of years when I was a kid, and one of the long standing memories I have from that time is trips to The Varsity. It’s not like we went a lot, but the experience as a whole just seemed to be memorable. From the crowds to the red hats they wear to the noise to the food… it’s a place like no other.