5 Unique Twists On The Pretzel

In honor of National Pretzel Day we have rounded up 5 of the most unique pretzel concoctions we could find...

In honor of National Pretzel Day we have rounded up 5 of the most unique pretzel concoctions we could find! 

Invented by European monks in the middle ages, the pretzel has evolved over the years. Whether you like them hard or soft, salty, savory or sweet, there is something out there for everyone. Here are 5 examples of how eateries around the country are interpreting the pretzel.

Pretzel Dumplings
An asian twist on the pretzel, these pretzel, pork and chive dumplings are the perfect mix of crunchy and soft. With the chew of a hot pretzel, cured pork and spicy mustard dipping sauce these dumplings have our mouths watering. 
TaldeBrooklyn, NY


Peanut Butter and Banana Pretzel 
Seems simple enough, yet why didn't we think of this? This laid back cafe also serves pretzel dogs if you're looking for something savory. 
Lincoln PasadenaPasadena, CA

Lincoln Pasadena@lincolnpasadena

Pretzel Bun Hot Dog
This bakeshop and beer garden seriously has it going on! All meats are made on the premise with sausage flavors such as Green Chili Lamb, Cajun Chicken and Vegetarian. Sandwiched in a pretzel bun, the hot dog has been upgraded.
Easy Tiger, Austin, TX

Easy Tiger@easytiger

Pretzel Donut
No food list is complete without a donut, and we've found the biggest one! This soft pretzel donut hybrid is the perfect marriage of sweet and salty. Donut dough is shaped into a pretzel knot,  glazed with butter and salt, topped with chocolate drizzle. Yum!
Donut Bar, San Diego, CA

Kirbie Cravings

Pretzel Stuffed Sandwiches
This Nashville pub and beer garden is home to a one-of-a-kind stuffed pretzel sandwich. With varieties like Bratwurst Reuben, Blackened Chicken, and Italian Sausage, they have a type for everyone.
Village Pub & Beer Garden, Nashville, Tennessee

The Village Pub & Beer Garden

Which do you want to try? All of them? Us too. 

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