Magic Kingdom’s Secret Garden

No matter how many times you may go to Disney World, there will always be hidden secrets. But what about a secret location only an insider could know...

There are so many reasons to love Disney World: the ability to act like a kid at any age, the memories you make with family and friends, and most importantly, Mickey’s premium ice cream bars.

But no matter how many times you may go to Disney World, there are still secrets hidden around every corner. For example, did you know that if the Haunted Mansion wait time is 13 minutes then there is no wait? Or that there are hundreds of  Mickey Mouse symbols hidden throughout the parks?  What about a secret location only an insider could know...

We have partnered up with our Disney World guru Allyson from Magic And Wishes to disclose her secret sanctuary. I bet you didn’t know there was a secret garden within the walls of Magic Kingdom. Well, neither did we! Let’s find out more...

OK Allyson, so tell us where exactly is this secret garden?

This beautiful secret garden can be found right off of the entrance into the Magic Kingdom! If you are entering Magic Kingdom and walk through the archway (facing the castle) the garden is immediately to the right.

Sounds like this could easily be overlooked by all of the excitement of entering the park. What if I miss it?

If you have the pleasure of meeting Mickey Mouse or Tinkerbell in the Town Square Theatre and wander through the gift shop- the exit leads to the secret garden!

So tell us more about this garden...

In the garden there is a small path that leads up to a multi-tiered fountain covered in flowers! There are no benches (bummer), but there are fragrant orange trees that grow in the area. Surrounding the pathway is a mixture of dainty lilac flowers and bushes covered with little red flowers!

Sounds enchanting! But why should someone stop here?

I love this spot because it's very quiet and seems like you've been taken completely out of the park. Not many people stop to look inside the garden, so it's normally empty and beautiful to anyone who finds it!

Magic Kingdom’s secret garden is the ultimate peaceful escape from all the crowds. Whether it is your family's new meeting spot or an adult’s time out space- this garden is your secret to keep. It's a space guaranteed to be free of photobombing strangers.


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