8 Unique Places to Stay in the USA

We have collected 8 of the quirkiest, coolest and most awesome accommodations we could find. Be prepared to be inspired...

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Who says you need to travel outside the USA for a unique experience? We have collected 8 of the quirkiest, coolest and most awesome accommodations we could find. Push yourself outside your comfort zone and stay in a treehouse, or a tipi, heck, even an old jail! If anything, you’ll want to spend a night in each one, just for kicks.

Cottonwood, ID: Dog Bark Park Inn
For all the dog enthusiasts out there- this one is for you! This beagle-shaped Inn is worth it for the instagram photos alone. Sticking to theme, the inn is full of books, puzzles and games that are all dog themed. And of course, all pets are welcome.


Atlanta, Georgia: Secluded Treehouse
Voted Airbnb's ‘#1 Most Wished-For Listing Worldwide’ in 2016. After looking at the photos, we’ve joined the club too. This treehouse consists of 3 separate rooms, each connected by rope-bridges. Surrounded by lush greenery, you'll quickly forget you're in the middle of Atlanta.


Shirley Basin, WY: Cozy Sheep Wagon
Has Westworld got you wanting a real-life western experience? Look no further than this restored 1920s sheep wagon. Used by the family until the 70s, this wagon has since been updated with a bed, electricity, and even a wood-burning oven. Located on the family’s ranch, you are able to explore 30,000 acres of land. Westward Ho!

Sheep Wagon


Boston, Massachusetts: The Liberty Hotel
You don’t have to commit a crime to earn acceptance into Boston’s famous Liberty Hotel. Built in 1851, The Charles Street Jail is now a luxury hotel. Keeping true to it’s roots, the hotel has 18 rooms that feature parts of the real jail. 

Liberty Hotel


Joshua Tree, CA: The Rising Sun Tipi
This Native American inspired Tipi located in Joshua Tree is a true escape from reality. With amazing desert views,  this tipi is secluded and peaceful. Inside you will find a queen size bed, big enough for you and your chief. 


Kehena, HI: The Hawaii Boom Box
Featured on HGTV and the Travel Channel, this award winning concrete ‘boom box’ is certainly a unique places to stay.  The rental features panoramic windows so you can enjoy the Pacific Ocean views. The soundtrack to this house? The ocean. 

This listing sits upon a hill giving you breathtaking views of the California coast.  An open layout of just one room and glass walls, you will will be able to soak in the sights all day and night. Your only neighbors include coyotes- so beware!

No better city to stay in a haunted hotel than in New Orleans. While the majority  of hotels in the city claim they are haunted, this one gave us the chills. Haunted by almost a dozen ghosts, the hotel elevators take guests to the wrong floors and open locked doors.  Stay at your own risk!

Hotel Monteleone

Which place would you like to stay at?  

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