3 Reasons The Home T will make You Happy

3 Reasons The Home T will make You Happy

by Ryan Shell

It’s always fun to see you in your Home T, but it’s especially interesting to see where you are wearing it.

For instance, here’s a snap of Robert in his Texas Home T-shirt in a brewery.

Texas Home T-shirtDoesn’t he look happy?

Sure, the brewery probably made him a happy guy, but we like to think his Texas Home T played a small part in that. Why would that happen? I’ll give you three reasons.

3 Reasons The Home T will make You Happy

  1. It’s insanely soft. No, really, it is! This isn’t marketing talk. We sought out the most comfortable and soft t-shirt we could possibly find, and that’s the exact shirt we use. When you pull it out of the package you’re going to think, “Wow, he wasn’t joking!” But don’t just take my word for it, you can read plenty of reviews here.
  2. Great quality and fit. Don’t you just hate when a shirt fits too tight in certain areas… like down the side or in the front? Or, how about when you wash a new shirt for the first time and then suddenly find out it’s become your new belly shirt because it’s now too short? That’s not going to happen. The Home T isn’t going to shrink much, if any, and you’re going to be happy with the overall length and fit. Now, granted, if you dry it for 10 hours weird things might happen. You’ll also find that our superior screen printing methods keep the print looking amazing.
  3. State pride. It’s a simple way to show off your state pride. One thing I’ve come to love is when I wear the shirt around town or out of state and strangers say, “Hey, that’s where I’m from!” It’s like you have an instant friend out of the blue and can easily engage in conversation.

There are plenty other reasons that I think The Home T will make you happy, but those three are always top of mind.

Now, for Robert, we hope he continues wearing his Texas Home T-shirt to breweries he visits.

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