Our New Alzheimer's T-shirt Collection

Our New Alzheimer's T-shirt Collection

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Hi there. It’s Ryan, founder of The Home T.

On April 1, 2021 my father passed away due to complications from Alzheimers. 

Losing a parent, no matter the relationship, is a very weird thing. And for me, it seems to only feel weirder as time passes.

For the longest time I’ve asked myself, “Should we do an Alzheimers collection of some sort?” Doing one makes tons of sense, but for some reason I’ve never asked the team to make it a priority.

That delay is probably fueled by some level of grief. And there’s probably a hint of, “what if this happens to me” fear at play as well that I just didn’t want to remotely look at.

But I think I’m ready to do this.

So, to that end, I’d like to share our new Alzheimers Collection with you. 

Similar to what we have always done for multiple sclerosis, and will continue to do, 10% of profits from the Alzheimers t-shirt collection collection will get donated to Alzheimers Association.

You can view the collection here: https://www.thehomet.com/collections/alzheimers-awareness.

If you or someone you know has been impacted by this disease I hope the designs resonate with you. 

Thanks for reading and, as always, thanks for being part of The Home T.


PS - I may be faking the ready part, but sometimes with difficult things you have to take that first step. Whatever your difficult thing is, go ahead and take that step.

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