10 Father's Day Gifts that Dad will Actually Love

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Father's Day gifts that dad will actually love can be hard to come by if you over think it, but it doesn't have to be that hard. 

Father's Day is the third Sunday in June each year, so the actual date does change year to year.

From a gift standpoint, please don't buy dad socks. And to help make sure that doesn't happen, we'd like to suggest some dad themed t-shirts that you can count on being a home run.

10 T-shirts for Dad for Father's Day (or any other day)

Fathor T-shirt


He won't admit it, but your dad probably really envies Thor. And the only thing better than Thor himself, is Fathor. Which is, like a dad, only mightier. Get the Fathor t-shirt.

Aint No Hood Like Fatherhood

Aint no hood like fatherhood


If dad is familiar, he's going to instantly laugh and appreciate our Mood t-shirt.

Father Figure

It happens to the best of us. You wake up one day and realize you've put on a few pounds since your youth. And for dads, it's called the Father Figure.

Dad Bod Model

If the dad you are shopping for is a comical kind of guy, he will laugh when he sees our Dad Bod Model shirt. He's going to enjoy it even more when he feels how insanely soft it is. Bonus points will come when he wears it and gets a chuckle out of people passing buy.

Local Legend

Local Legend

When dad opens up this Father's Day gift, you can almost guarantee that he will puff out his chest a bit when he reads the words Local Legend. From cooking out to adventures, dad is probably famous for something in your family.

Now we'll get into some father/son and father/daughter matching sets that dad will love to wear with his child.

Legend and Legacy Matching Set

Biggie / Smalls Matching Set

Biggie Smalls matching set


superhero matching t-shirts

Regional Manager & Assistant to the Regional Manager Matching Set

regional manager

If dad is a fan of the office, he'll love our Regional Manager and Assistant to the Regional Manager matching set.

Our dad collection has a ton of additional designs that are great year round gifts for dad. If you're simply looking for a Father's Day Gift idea, we certainly have you covered!

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