The 250 Mile Run to Raise Funds for MS

“We bought and wore our Home Ts in support of my friend who ran 250 miles (a marathon a day for 9 consecutive days) and raised over $15,000 for MS (MS Run the US)” Could you imagine running 250 miles? To break that down a bit, it’s the same as running a marathon a day – 26.2 miles – for nine days. Mind boggling, right? Well, that’s apparently what Adam, a guy that’s in amazing shape, managed to do. We received an email from Tiffany, seen below, explaining what Adam had done, and that she and some friends purchased The Home T in support of his effort. The run, MS Run the US, is a multiple sclerosis fundraiser and Adam raised over $15,000… and that’s absolutely amazing! 

Kristin Cavallari Shows Baby Bump Wearing Illinois Home T

Couple exciting things here. Celebrity Kristin Cavallari photographed herself a couple of days ago wearing our Illinois Home T (see below), and then proceeded to put the photo on Instagram. That in and of itself had a high level of awesomeness.

This is One Awesome Photo

You know the kid in a candy store analogy? That’s exactly how we feel whenever members of The Home T community send in photos of themselves wearing one of our t-shirts or other products. We’ve received photos from mountain tops, birthday parties, amusement parks, a couple photo bombs, and many other interesting situations. But never before from South Korea. And never before in front of a military fighter jet. In addition to receiving this amazing photo, the note was equally awesome.

Making Home feel a Bit Closer for Our Troops

Before working at The Home T I had no clue what an APO address was. If you aren’t familiar, these are military addresses and apparently not all companies will deliver to them. But The Home T does, and we love shipping packages to those serving their country. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to be away from home and loved ones, but it must be an intense feeling. If our little shirt makes troops feel closer to home, then a big hoorah! to that. The image above is an example of how The Home T can put a smile on someones face.

What You Get When a Couple from Georgia & Alabama Have a Baby?

This isn’t a joke, but if it were, it would go a little something like this. What do you get when a couple from Georgia and Alabama decide to have a baby? A Texas born baby, of course! Like I said, if this were to be a joke… and I’m clearly not a comedian. But this is a true story.

The Home T Brings Friends Together

It’s always to see photos of people wearing a Home T, but it’s even more fun to see friends wearing their Home T’s together! A great example of this is the two ladies you see directly above.

Helping Soldiers Feel Close to Home

I spotted this photo of Kait and her fiancee online a couple of days ago and immediately planned to share it with you. But what I didn’t know is the details behind the photo and what it would eventually be used for. To explain, I’d like to share what Kait wrote on her personal website about the photo.

Country Star Dierks Bentley shows off United States Home T

This is flat out amazing. We just found out that country singer Dierks Bentley showed off our United States Home T last night at a concert in Virginia. From what we can tell a concert attendee tossed it up on stage for him to keep. How cool is that?! Here’s what he said on a social media site earlier today, “love my new t-shirt whoever threw it up there.” Here’s a photo of Dierks Bentley holding up the shirt just after it was tossed on stage last night.  

Actress Ashley Greene Wears California Home T

We couldn’t be more excited to receive an email yesterday from someone pointing us in the direction of actress Ashley Greene (Twilight) wearing our California Home T! Apparently she had just left the gym and the paparazzi where there to say hi. Take a look at one of the photos below.  

New York City: Weekend Photos Worth Sharing

One thing is certain, there’s no shortage of things to see or do in New York City. Below are a few photos – one of which was very unexpected –  that were snapped while we bounced around town over the weekend.  

The Home T Music Video. Sort of.

To our absolute delight, we stumbled on a video yesterday made by the super stylish and creative, Grasie. Now, it’s not going to when an MTV Video Music Award, and George Lucas doesn’t have anything to worry about, but if there’s an award for “That girl is having a ball,” Grasie should clearly win. Give […]

Hilary Duff Wears Texas Home T-shirt

Wow. Just wow. That was my exact thought when I saw a photo of the singer/actress Hilary Duff wearing our Texas Home T-shirt! I used to be a Top 40 radio DJ “back in the day,” and would frequently play her songs on the radio, and even did a couple interviews with her along the way, and to to see her now wearing one of our T’s is absolutely amazing.