My Favorite Shirt for My Favorite State

We love hearing stories about where you travel with your Home T, and here’s one we recently received from Jessica. Last week I wore my (California) Home T the first day of my trip to Southern California, where I was born and raised. I hadn’t been back since I moved (eight years ago), and what’s funny is I didn’t even plan it. I packed my favorite shirt to go to my favorite state, and just happened to wear it as I drove around revisiting all of the places I grew up. It was perfect.  

Actress Clare Bowen from ABC’s Nashville Wears the Tennessee Home T

You might imagine that we were excited when Clare Bowen from ABC’s hit show Nashville sent us a photo of herself wearing her Tennessee Home T! Doesn’t she look amazing in it? A big thanks to Clare for sending this photo our way!

3 Reasons The Home T will make You Happy

It’s always fun to see you in your Home T, but it’s especially interesting to see where you are wearing it. For instance, here’s a snap of Robert in his Texas Home T-shirt in a brewery. Doesn’t he look happy?  

4th of July Photos

We hope you had an amazing 4th of July! We’re down in south west Florida at the moment, and it seems to be raining every time you turn around, but we’re making the most of it for sure. Here’s are a few photos we snapped on the 4th.    

Making New Friends with The Home T

Cassie has made our day. Early this morning she sent us an email saying, “Good morning! Last night I went to a College World Series game where I saw a guy with a Mississippi Home T on. I thought it was the perfect photo op!” 

Picture Perfect

The excitement we feel when seeing photos of people wearing The Home T never goes away. Especially when the photos are this cute!